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Pediatric Dentist

A Pedodontist (pediatric dentist) is a dental specialist with who has acquired the standard 4 years of Dental studies and an additional 2 - 3 years of specialty training in pediatric dentistry.

A pedodontist (Children Dentist) will make sure your child's teeth are developing properly as your child grows.

Children's dentists will know how to make a child feel comfortable so the experience is pleasant and non traumatic to the child. Dentists that specialize in treating adolescents and children will know how to to deal with the behavioral aspects of children.

It is usually at the discretion of the general local dentist or family doctor to refer the child to a pediatric dentist or treat the child personally.

Many factors come into play, such as the age and maturity of the child, the amount of work needed, and the general dentist's own comfort level when working children.

Obviously, the parents will need to make the final decision, but it's always good to contact a dentist that specializes in pediatric dentistry.

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