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How Young is Too Young To Start Caring for Your Child's Teeth?

Baby Brushing Teeth

Most dentists recommend that children's dental care begins with the appearance of their first tooth or by the time a child reaches the age of one. At this time, the child’s teeth and gums should be evaluated and parents should be doing their part to ensure proper oral hygiene practices.

It is important for parents to care for their child's mouth even before their first teeth emerge. Parents should clean their baby’s gums with a warm, wet washcloth or a soft baby toothbrush. This will remove any bacteria residue left behind by baby formula or food, and will also allow your child to get used to the feeling of brushing their teeth. Taking care of baby teeth is just as important as taking care of permanent teeth. The enamel on baby teeth is very thin which means decay and cavities can develop quickly. Food, sugar, fruit juices and other beverages cause tooth decay to both baby teeth and permanent teeth.

A children dentist has received special training in the field of children's dental care. Their upbeat and fun approach ensures a comfortable and pleasant visit to the dentist. Before a child's first visit to the dentist parents should explain what to expect at their checkup and to stress the importance of getting the checkup. Pediatric dentists recommend bringing a child when their parent or older sibling is having their dental checkup. That way, the younger child can see firsthand what is involved and meet the doctor and staff.

Children's dental care should be an enjoyable experience that a child can look forward to instead of dreading. Dentists can assist both parents and children in achieving beautiful healthy teeth and gums to be enjoyed for a long time to come.

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